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tv   Journal  LINKTV  May 27, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> welcome to "the journal." >> great to have you with us. here is what is coming up on the show. >> reports of dozens killed as ukrainian troops retake the airport and they say for members are missing, captured by separateness. >> decision time in brussels -- will the front runner be selected as the eu -- as the dude you commission president question mark >> and speaking out against abuse in the catholic church, but will he follow up?
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>> fighting has been raging for a second day in eastern ukrainian city. as many as 100 people may have been killed in a battle for the city's airport. they say they have lost contact with one of the teams in the region monitoring the election. >> first, this report and a warning that some viewers may find the following images distressing. >> two days after ukraine's elections, traces of battle litter the streets. pro-russian insurgents using this truck say they were shot off the road by government troops. ukrainian aircraft and paratroopers launched an unprecedented offensive against separatists who had seized the airport. when the smoke cleared, the government was back in control.
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the separatist reported more than 140 people were killed, including two civilians. russia issued a warning to halt military action in the east, saying it could backfire. >> they think they can use military power in the southeast to repress the resistance so that he can go to his election a victor. i don't think that will make for a hospitable locum. the military action has to be stopped immediately. >> for observers in the organization for security in europe went missing on monday. they were on a routine patrol when their base lost contact. >> they were headed eastbound. we know that. there was some texting going back and forth and then it went dead and we did not hear
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anything further from them. >> and mark's development minister has confirmed reports that the monitors are in rebel hands. despite the bloodshed, people are still coming for to fight for the separatists. kiev vows to continue its offensive. >> for more on the latest developments, we are joined by our reporter from a kiev. what a latest on these missing observers? >> we have been in constant contact with the spokesperson for the special monitoring mission here. according to that person, the osc personnel was still missing. various agencies and ukrainian government agencies are involved in the search for these four missing observers, but so far, no results. >> what is the status of the airport?
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the ukrainian military says it has gained control over the airport. >> there are conflicting reports. we've been successful in reaching the press secretary for the airport who confirmed the ukrainian military is in control of the airport, however there are some other reports that say the ukrainian military is in control of some parts of the airport and the other parts of the airport are still being controlled by the separatists. therefore, the set -- the situation is still unclear. >> the new president off to a very fast start, he seems to be taking a very strong position in dealing with the separatists. he's clearly in favor of a aggressive approach. can we expect the same from other strongholds in the country? >> that's very possible. during his rest briefing, the newly elected president of ukraine said the antiterrorist operation will go on and it will
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be much faster and quicker and will definitely not be dragging for months postop we have seen his words put in action, already several hours later when the antiterrorist situation started. it's possible the fighting and the crackdown on the separatists will be continuing in other strongholds in other places. >> thank you very much. >> moving on to some other news -- another step toward becoming the next european commission president. >> in addition to the center-right he campaigned for, he has received backing from the eu's centerleft bloc, strengthening his chance of securing the top spot. but it's not completely clear if you will get the supporting needs from across europe. the presidency is still up in the air. >> that comes as leaders take a good, hard look at the future of the union. and i.e. you and radical parties
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toward big victories and britain and france say it's time to make major changes. >> the french president is just one european leader licking his wounds after his party's poor showing in sunday's eu elections. the far right success in france is a serious wake-up call. >> the french have elected the national front with 25% of the vote. whether i like it or not. the main demand is more growth, more jobs and a reorientation of the european projects. >> the british prime minister has long been calling for eu reform. after the victory of the anti-european union party, he's likely to toughen his stance. >> we recognize russell has gotten too big number to bossi and to interfering. >> it will be an issue as they
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seek to fill the top job of european commission president. it could be one of the nominated candidates or someone else entirely. >> it will be finding a broad majority and we will decide how the selection process will move forward stop >> that means it could be weeks before they named their candidate for the job will stop >> our reporter is standing by at the european council. i have european parliament support, but what's standing in his way now? >> he needs approval by some of the 28 states and government gathered tonight. this is still an uphill battle because at least two countries, britain and hungary are opposing him because they say he is old school and not standing for dynamic change. before we decide on personnel, we want to do a job description. what does the next eu commission have to do before we fill in the
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jobs up for grabs and they try to do a package that could take another week or two weeks. but he has the backing from the powerful german chancellor and that makes him somewhat hopeful. >> there are questions about the future of britain and france. what kind of change do they mean here? >> they're going into opposite. written's prime minister asked for europe to do nothing. the french president asked europe to provide jobs in france, so it's very hard to get common agreement or a common proposal how to do that will stop they engage in a broad discussion about the future of europe and this could go nowhere or could drag on for weeks or months and nobody knows what
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direction you would take after this. >> thank you for joining us from brussels. >> as we just heard, france has made it clear today that it's time for the ae you to make some major reforms. >> was a big blow in sunday's elections. the right-wing national front party swept to a shocking victory. >> now he's setting out to build an anti-du coalition in brussels. >> the board in france is the seed of the national assembly and since the stunning upset victory of the far right in the eu elections, the national front leader is calling for to be dissolved. the socialist kicked out of her party let him. at the eu level, she thomas is to act less for the block and more for france. >> our delegates objective is to block all harmful resolutions
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and to defend the interest of france and the french. >> germany's ruling coalition sees the victory is a red flag for all of europe. >> it's absolutely not the right path. the fascist extremists -- >> france's prime minister has described as a political earthquake. those tremors have been further strengthened by the news the leader of the conservative opposition party has resigned following accusations they covered up millions in expenses for the former president's election campaign. >> france's voters sent a clear message with their ballots on sunday. lex the results might have come as a shock to the establishment but anti-european union establishment has been on the
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rise across the country. >> france is not just about the sparkling coat -- your -- towns like this would are the key to understanding the key to the national front. once a hive of coal mining activity, the town is now struggling. as the constituency of marie le pen, 33% voted for the national front. there's no eu flag but re-french ones. >> the eu has france in a headlock. it has lost its radiance and has nothing to say. we want to restore france to its former glory. >> the national front mayor took up office in march and locals are mystified at europe's apprise over the french vote. >> more and more people are on welfare. they don't have jobs and they
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don't have money. who should i vote for, the left or the right? i don't trust any of them anymore. >> even if the national front is far right, it's not like he used to be. >> but what is behind the party that has captured the imagination of the french people with such arguments? and now, he travels through france warning people away from the national front all stop >> i thought we could serve as a genuine counterweight to the e you. the national front is the only party that can affect change in france and which doesn't belong to the old, established click. a party with good chances and speaks the language of the people. >> his hope was that marine le pen had change the party. but he realized holocaust smile
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and anti-foreigner sentiment are still woven into the fabric and the criticism was not welcome. looking in from the outside, people think the national front is harmless but when they get up close and become members like i did, they realize it bites. it bites really hard. >> france may well soon have to get closer to marine le pen in the national front of stop if that happens, the party will have to show how much it has changed and if it has what it takes to restore the nation to the glory some feel has been lost. rex a suicide attack in a is the part of the iraqi capital has killed at least 17 people and wounded 29. iraqi officials say exploded inside a shiite mosque in this sector -- in the central section of baghdad. >> police say the tom was packed with ball bearings, a design meant to kill and wound as many people as possible.
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two others died in a separate attack. no group has claimed responsibility, but sunni islamist insurgents have been gaining momentum. iraqi's government is struggling to contain the worst surgeons terry and violence in eight years. >> just before the break -- completely different news -- the rolling stones are back on the stage. the band paused for they show after the death of make jagr's ardor. but they restarted their world tour on monday and runs of more than 20,000 fans in the norwegian capital of oslo. still shaken it like a young guy. mick and the band were at their energetic best, playing hits like "jumping jack flash." that's the song we're hearing right there. >> looking good. >> keith richards still moving good. >> we have to take a short one
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minute break but one we come back, we will tell you about egypt's presidential election. they have extended voting for a third day after a disappointing turnout. >> that an new highs for the >> welcome back. egypt's electoral commission has extended voting in the country's presidential election for third day following two days of disappointing voter turnout. tuesday was to have been the second and final day of the ballot which the former army chief is widely expected to win. monday proved to be a slow day at the polling stations. >> the government had already declared tuesday a national holiday in hopes it would give him the sweeping endorsement he's looking for. he is at pains to demonstrate to his opponents at home and in the west that his ousting of mohamed morsi and the muslim brotherhood last year was a revolution rather than a coup.
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we're joined now in studio by a middle east expert originally from egypt. why has the turnout been so low? >> it's too early to say, but i think the egyptians are giving a clear signal to the regime that they are not going to leave a blank check for them or any other president from now on. i would not explain this as support of the muslim brotherhood. there is a force taking place in egypt right now. they are anti-regime and anti-muslim brothers will stop this should not be seen as a success for the muslim brothers. >> will he get the endorsement he needs to establish economic stability in egypt? >> whether he does or doesn't, it would be up to him to do exactly that. the entrenched problems in egypt, he must be able to solve them and these problems are not. poverty, ignorance, disease and
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corruption. he would have to have the political will to show these problems and if he doesn't, the people will go out in the streets and ask them to leave. >> egypt is a deeply divided country, can he bring the warring factions back together? >> i hope so. so far, it is not clear he is willing to do that or has the capacity to do that but i certainly hope he would be able to do that. a divided country such as egypt cannot go forward as long as it remains divided. >> he has taken a tough stance on the muslim brotherhood. would he give up their stance if he is given leadership? >> i don't know whether they would give up their struggle or not but they better understand the mistakes have turned many egyptians against them. i have to clean the house and come clean and they have to apologize for all the mistakes that they did and change and then there might be a possibility for real cooperation.
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>> our middle east expert from egypt, thank you for joining us. >> pakistan's leader says cooperation, not confrontation should find his countries relationship with india in the future. >> talks were held with the new indian prime minister after attending the new inauguration ceremony. that countries have been archrivals for decades and it could signal a thaw and neighbors icy relations. >> still, he warned his counterpart that militants must stop using pakistan's soil to launch attacks against india. >> there's more to this handshake than mere symbolism. on the first day after being officially sworn in as the new prime minister of india, he met the leader of pakistan to discuss the thorny issue of regional terrorism. >> we had to go to cooperation
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and it would be if not to, i emphasize. my government stands ready to discuss all issues between our two countries in the spirit of cooperation and sincerity. >> bilateral relations have been difficult since independence in 1947. the two countries have fought three wars over the northern region of kashmir, which is home to muslims and hindus. one of the lowest points in relations was in 2008 when explosions in mumbai tour through the luxury taj mahal hotel and several other sites, killing at least 164 people. pakistani militants were responsible for the attacks. now, there is talk of a new beginning. the two leaders have demonstrated their good will and
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have agreed to push for peace talks at a diplomatic level. >> here is a finding that could grab the attention of india and pakistan -- if developing and emerging economies want to grow sustainably, the to treat their workers well. that's the clear message from the international labor organization's annual world work report. >> they found investing in quality jobs held to boost the economy and catch up with advancing economies. they hope the message will ring a bell with a few governments. >> this man has a job, but he earns less than two dollars a day. like some 830 9 million other workers in developing countries, that's around a third of the workforce in those countries. the international labor organization is calling for developing and emerging economies to create more quality jobs for their working age populations to alleviate overpopulation and stem migration. >> overall, there will be 203rd
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team million new labor market entrants. a vast majority of these will be in the developing countries, so the job creation challenge is felt most particularly in the developing and emerging world. >> they are also calling for more rights for workers in developing countries like improving employment contracts and social protection. >> to nigeria now where it looks like the islamist militant group boko haram has struck again. >> officials say they attacked a nigerian army base and police barracks in a northeastern town. at least 31 security officials were killed. the group has been waging a five year insurgency in the north, killing thousands of people. >> the group is still holding more than 200 girls kidnapped six weeks ago from their boarding school. search has been ongoing and now the nigerian military might be a step closer to finding them.
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>> it is an image that has been seen around the world -- dozens of nigerian schoolgirls held captive by boko haram. after weeks of searching, the nigerian army says there is new hope. >> the good news for the girls is we know where they are but we cannot tell you. just leave us alone, we are working and we will get the girls back. lex the girls were abducted from their school here. until now, their location has only been the subject of speculation. now, authorities want to reassure the girl's that everything is under control. >> we know what we are doing. >> meanwhile, calls for the girls to be brought back are getting louder each day. >> to business news now and onto
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today's market action -- european stocks rose for a fifth straight day, moving beyond the highest levels since j ray 2008. >> another day, another dax record. now the 10,000 point level is not so very far away anymore. most people hear you talk to are convinced it will be reached this week. there was favorable economic data from the united states will stop the elections on the weekend in ukraine and europe are still being positively viewed and above all, there's the expectation the ecb will drop interest rates to a new record low when it meets next week in order to combat the record low inflation in the euro zone. mario draghi pointed to the low inflation at the close of the meeting and said that ecb will do everything possible, and
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those are magic, golden words from the people here in the markets. >> the session finished up half a percent. across the atlantic, the dow jones doing are you good at this hour. the euro down against the dollar. >> pope francis has announced he will meet with a group of victims of child abuse in the catholic church. >> speaking on his way back, the pontiff told reporters there was zero tolerance for any member of the clergy who violates a child. critics are already asking when will the vatican follow up words with actions? >> they are the folks strongest comments get on the subject of child abuse in the catholic church. the remarks came during his fight back from the that string
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the flight back from the middle east. >> it is terrible. i just making the comparison by saying it is as bad as performing a satanic mass. >> the church has been accused of covering up abuse scandas in recent decades. victims support groups say they are not doing enough to -- the apology came from pope benedict in 2010. his successor says he will take a hard line. >> zero tolerance will be shown to pedophiles save -- said hope frances regardless of their position. but it's still unclear whether that will extend to members of the clergy who covered up crimes of others. critics have dismissed plans to
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meet with abuse victims, saying it's no more than a public relations coup that would do little to change the church hierarchy. >> finally, this story from italy where members of the world cup squad had been involved in a car accident that left pedestrians injured. >> they returned after the crash . the players had been in vehicles given by formula one racers. he reportedly hit the two victims and the road to the training camp had been close to the public for a promotional event organized by mercedes will stop >> mora on that and other stories in other news bulletins. stay with us. >> thank you for watching.
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>> our top story -- european leaders are trying to digest the results from the elections. the swing from the far right and far left parties has left top politicians with much to contemplate. they have been meeting for an informal summit in brussels will stop let's take a listen to the french president. i can be against thet


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